The Grocery Store Game

Look: We hit acme to get some sale items and Acme only supplies. This meant I only needed 3 of my reusable grocery bags and when I packed them they were very light. We got home and I let C carry one bag in the house while I carried the others. Once in the door, I set the bags down and asked C to "help". I showed her what I wanted by handing her a box and then going into the kitchen with it. She got the idea right away. For the next ten minutes or so I stood in the kitchen and waited as she brought me the groceries...one by one. Of course this wouldn't work for raw chicken or anything heavy. Each time she brought me an item I gave her a hug and thanked her.
Learn: Chelsea loves to help. Its that simple. I need to find more ways in my day to have her help, especially if it helps me get stuff done and she can have fun too. I realize I rush way too much. Usually I'd want to get the groceries put away ASAP, but today...slowing down was fun for me too. Although it took more time to get everything done, it was worth it because I did it with my girl!
Love: I love the fact that this blog is making me slow down and look at the good things. In the new year I plan to change the focus of the blog each month so I can be a better mom.

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