Look: Today we were supposed to go away, but C wasn't feeling the best so we decided it was a day for playing inside. We had three big Huggies boxes sitting in our office for the past week. Chris helped me tape the sides down to make the boxes open on two sides. C first squished them by sitting and standing on them (I think she was hoping for a little stage to dance on). When we showed her how to crawl through she really liked it. She crawled through all three boxes when they were linked together. But if we made a little seperation in the boxes, she'd stand up after one and not finish...wish I knew what she was thinking. We let G practice sitting up in the little box. He's getting so good at sitting up. Anyhow we then used the boxes as a chute and rolled balls and toys through it. Next I slid in the two biggest boxes and C got on top. When I wiggled she practiced balancing. This made her giggle outloud. I added duck tape suspenders to the smallest box and C wore it around. She liked seeing herself in it and moved a bit differently. I wondered how she would dance in it, so I turned the music on...mistake! She whipped off the box and started dancing...box play time was over.
Learn: We get lots of cardboard boxes that can be toys before they hit the recycle bin. I'm learning how to be creative, more creative than I thought possible. Also, I'll do just about anything to make my kids laugh, even wedge myself into a huggies diaper box. When it comes to activities that C likes, dancing wins every time.
Love: I loved her ambition of crawling through the boxes. She is such a gross motor learner! It was fun trying to think of different things to use the boxes as...I'm sure we'll think of more tomorrow.

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