Napping with Gavin

Look: Today i decided to document what I go through to have G take a nap. Chris and I are working on him going to sleep more on his own and staying asleep longer. To put it nicely...it isn't going well. In the mornings I put on the Elmo's world portion on Sesame Street for my princess to watch...15 minutes and counting. Usually after putting him down a few times, soothing him, letting him cry for a bit, I end up bringing him back down...where he ends up falling asleep while I'm holding him (Ug...complete failure). In the afternoons while C is sleeping I usually have time to get a few things done, play with G and relax. Today I decided to scrap the usual and try to get Gavin down for nap. *There will be no pictures today, because I don't dare flash a camera at my son while he sleeps* So we came to his room where I put him down, he fussed, I soothed, he rolled and then seemed content, but awake on his tummy. I sat in a chair to type this up. No sooner had I sat then he threw up (don't worry, its normal)...so I had to lay him on the floor change the bed. By now he's awake and extremely fussy. One diaper change later our dog busts into his room. The dog is a pro at opening doors, weird but true. So we lay on the floor for a bit, complete with hair pulling (G not me!) and everything. Approximately 45 minutes after I started he is sleeping soundly and fell asleep without being in my arms. SUCCESS! And it only cost me C's entire nap time, hope Chris doesn't mind a messy house!
Learn: I learned that I can get G to sleep, but it takes tons of patience and time..neither of which I have these days. Also I learned that Millie loves G, she is happily sleeping right next to the crib right now as he sleeps and I type. Oh ya...sleeping trump chores today.
Love: Not much to say I love about our situation with G's sleeping. We go through this at night, and in the middle of the night (several times mind you). I'm hoping to report within a few weeks that all this effort has worked and he ends up being a good little sleeper like his sister. But for now I feel a bit like a bad mom who spoiled him into being a bad sleeper. Mom guilt stinks!

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