Christmas Lights

Look: Our neighborhood is so pretty at the holidays. Everyone puts up lots of decorations and lights. C and G have seen ours and the house you can see from our window. But we decided to drive around to look at lights. G's car seat is rear facing and he was asleep before we hit the end of our block. But Chris, Chelsea and I got to take the grand tour of KOP lights. We drove all around looking at the displays on our neighbors' homes.
Learn: Driving in the car can be fun on any given day. But tonight was really special. It was such fun getting bundled up and going out in the evening. I learned on this trip that Chelsea is very observant. She didn't miss a thing as we drove.
Love: I love this holiday tradition. It was made more special by the fact that it was snowing (lucky us). It was neat to see and hear C's reaction. Chris and I usually enjoy doing this, but it was even more special this year with our babies!

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