Coffee Break

Look: Today Cheslsea, Gavin and I went on our first coffee break for the moms club. It ended up being just the host (K. and her kids) and us. The kids played for about an hour while K and I had some time to chat. It was so nice! Although they didn't have my undivided attention I did learn a lot by watching C and G play. G got into playing with new toys and seemed to enjoy the attention from all the older kids. C loved seeing the other kids. She also liked checking out all their toys. But I think she loved getting fed by K's 2 year old the most.
Learn: I learned that when we go out on playdates, C's personality changes a bit. At home she is an enthusiastic, loud, wild child when it comes to playing. But today at K's house she was a bit more quiet and not so exuberant. It was neat to watch both the kids try out new toys and interact with new friends. I was really nervous about trying a large group event with C's allergies, but learned that I should worry less and try new things more!
Love: I love having a chance to visit with friends and let C and G explore a new place. I love that in one hour C and G can experience new people, new toys, new situations...and today it meant just going down the street.

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