Look: Today we made oatmeal bars to bring with us to a playdate on Friday. While C was napping I gathered ingredients and got things prepared for our activity. C stood in a chair at the table with a big bowl and spatula. I told her we were going to mix. She replied "mix, mix, mix" (she's been saying this whenever she has a kitchen tool since we made pies). First she mixed up shredded apples and mashed bananas. I put in the oats and as she mixed the top layer went flying because it wasn't wet. Luckily we have a little floor cleaner known as Millie. We added the raisins, flax seed, jam, marshmellows and silk. C reached in the batter to get a raisin. I showed her there were some saved for her on her tray of her chair. She was pleased with the raisin situation, so she continued mixing instead of fishing through the oatmeal for treats. Phew! We put the batter in a pan, covered it with wax paper and smoothed it out with our hands. After washing hands, I put it in the bars in the oven. Chelsea ate on while sitting on my lap with Gavin. She loved it. G wanted some and when he reached over C moved her bowl all the way out of his reach. Smart girl!
Learn: I learned to never put dry ingredients on the top of the bowl without mixing them in first...this could have been a mess, I'm so happy we have Millie! Today it is clear to me that these projects are perfect for her. I also came up with a good recipe for oatmeal bars without egg (they are a bit crumbly...but they'll do!)
Love: I love the oatmeal bars too! C loves to cook! G would love to eat real food! Also I think its terrific that I got something done with Chelsea, instead of trying to get it done while she was napping or occupied.

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