Cheerio Play

Look: My neighbor and her son came to my door last year just before Xmas with a box of toys and books for C (at this point G didn't exist...weird to think about life without my little cutie pie). Some of the books were perfect, some were a bit older. Last week I pulled out one of the holiday books for C to read. It was a cheerio book. On each page tehy show some holiday item adorned with cheerios. Then on the next page they are missing and the child is supposed to fill them in. So today's snack was cheerios and C played with her book. I watched as she put Cheerios in the little holes. Sometime for no reason she'd eat a bunch from her picture, then continue to put new ones in. She did this for every page, the tree page was her favorite though.

Learn: C has a good pincher grasp. She got each little O in between her pointer and her thumb and dropped it in the hole. If it didn't land correctly she'd use her pointer to push it around until she got it. She is a tenacious little girl. She only asked for help a few times. I also learned that time is flying by...way faster than I'd like. Although I wish for her to be big so we can do more things together and I wish for G to sleep through the night and get bigger so he can play more....I think I need to stop wishing and savor every moment.

Love: I love what I learned from playing with Cheerios. Who knew Cheerios could give such a philosophical understanding to a SAHM.

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