Ripping Paper

Look: We went to Michael's Craft store today. We got a few things we needed for some of our crafts in Dec. Chelsea and Gavin both got a kick out of all the fun things in the aisle...we looked at Xmas trees, wrapping paper, pretty flags...it was a blast. Then this afternoon we looked through magazines for pages with green and red on them. After that we ripped them up into little pieces and put them in a box. This year we're hosting Xmas Eve. We'll be having 20 here for the event. We're going to glue the pieces onto paper, cover with contact paper and make placemats for everyone. It will be a few day process, but I'll post the final product.
Learn: I learned that ripping paper is right up C's aisle! This was a very developmentally appropriate activity for a one year old. One thing I may have to learn is how to not let her rip paper at other times...she is probably going to be wanting to do it again!
Love: I love doing crafts, its fun! C loves being destructive, combine the two and its a successful day!

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