Glow Sticks

Look: Today we opened an entire tube of glow sticks for our special activity. We have about six or seven packs of these glow lights, so I thought why not use them up. We had to wait until night to do this so it would be dark. First we just played with them as sticks. Then we started making bracelets, necklaces and crowns. Chris (aka Daddy) got the idea to start spinning them on his finger. It looked really neat. Then C thought Millie (our dog) needed some glow headbands. We took this picture with the light on so you could see how patient our dog is with the kids. C and Daddy slid the tube rings on the floor with their feet. Finally Chris put on a light show with the glow sticks and his devil sticks. Unbelievably, this occupied our family for about an hour.
Learn: I learned that my husband is great at participating in special time. He thought of things I'd have never done with the glow sticks. It would be good to have a special day set aside just for special time with Mommy and Daddy. G loved watching the glow sticks and grabbing for them. It really had him interested. C thought adding a few glow sticks no to play time was like a party in a tube. I also figured out today (although I already knew this one too) that my dog is awesome!
Love: I love my husband, my daughter, my son and my dog! Plus I love this blog for making me try new things everyday!

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