Happy and Sad

Look: I spent some of the weekend experimenting and documenting what makes Chelsea and Gavin happy and sad.
C- Daddy coming home, Elmo's world...especially when Elmo talks to the babies, marshmellows, when I crawl on all fours and chase her, her brother, the lights in the house, learning to do new things, Daddy and Mommy
G-bottles, binkies, exersaucer, his sister, tickling under the chin, kissing his belly, most repetitious gestures, Mommy and Daddy
C- Simply put...when things aren't going her way (typical toddler)
G-dirty diapers, being hungry, losing a binkie, when Mommy leaves
Learn: Making these lists help me realize that these things can change a lot. It would be interesting to make this a monthly thing to see how their likes and dislikes evolve. G's are pretty basic, but C's seem to change quickly.
Love:I love this picture of my smiley little guy. I got it when I was trying to make him smile.

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