Outside in Dec?

Look: On Monday it reached about 60 here. Wow, we took advantage of that and played outside most of the day. C played with her sand table for a while. Then she explored the yard. Next I gave her a container of water and a brush and she water painted the patio. Then she mixed the water and sand to make...well a mess! She liked challenging herself to walk around the base of the trees and over the roots. She found lots of rocks (and one petrified Millie poop...ew!) The hill provided almost ten minutes of fun, C ran up and down it! And of course we played ball with Millie. Millie was so tired in the evening that she wasn't even begging for food or following us around. For her this is highly unusual.
Learn: The outdoor day had us all in such good moods. I love winter but I'm looking forward to the spring and summer when C, G and I can be outside on most days. In a book, I read that kids need daily outside time. Once G is big enough I'm getting them full winter and rain gear so nothing can stop us. I learned that given the freedom, C will find her own challenges. I love this and want to promote her to continue this. I also learned to double check every "rock" to make sure it wasn't from our dog. he he
Love: I love warm weather, I'd be tempted to move to get more warm weather with the kids. But we love our life here. I love the adventurous spirit C has, I"m hoping G shares her enthusiasm.

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