What is for Lunch Wednesday...for me!

Have you ever wanted to have dessert for lunch?  That is the mood I was in today.  So I reached for an old favorite.  Back in my teaching days, an awesome coworker of mine (Mrs. Susan Culp...she'll probably never see it, but deserves the credit) used to make a quick healthy lunch.  I didn't realize until I tried it is was also completely delicious.  Sort of feels like having dessert for lunch!
It's pretty simple recipe.  We keep frozen fruit in the freezer for muffins, smoothies and this decadent lunch.  Use one cup of your favorite frozen fruit.  Today I put half a cup of cherries and half a cup of blackberries into a bowl.  Then microwave for about a minute.  This left some beautiful juice at the bottom of the bowl.  Next use one serving of your favorite plain yogurt.  We can only have soy yogurt here, so silk it is!  Combine with half a serving of your favorite crunchy fiber rich cereal and one to two packets of whatever type sweetener you like.  This works with sugar, splenda, stevia or even agave nectar.   Mix up and eat!  Yummy!

Some stats...my lunch had about  350 calories (100 cal grape nuts, 100 cal fruit, 150 cal yogurt) and about 5 grams of fat.  But if you use lower calorie or lower fat yogurt that would change.  This treat had a whopping 15 grams of fiber....GO me!  And was pretty low in sugar.  So that is what I had for lunch.  And while I savored each bite I thought of my lovely grade partner, Susan. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed working and lunching at Stony Creek.

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