Fitness Friday...why the ugly shoes

Saturday 6.5 miles
Sunday 4 miles
Monday 4 miles
Tuesday 3 miles
Wednesday 2 miles
Thursday 2 miles
Friday 2.5 mile

Total this week 24 miles this week
Total in 2011 24miles this year

Why are walking shoes so ugly?  My old running shoes have quite a few miles on them.  But they are in good condition and I didn't use them to train for any races, so I thought they'd be good for walking.  But after the first few days my feet hurt.  The pain was in the balls of my feet.  So I thought, okay time to get some new shoes.  

Places like Famous Footwear or DSW are what I like to refer to as DIY shoe sales.  I really dislike waiting for a salesperson holding a lone shoe.  Most times I feel like they come back with the wrong color or shoe or they tell you they are out of your size.  So DSW is my favorite place to shoe shop. It doesn't hurt that is a mile from my house. The best part is that  before  I even getting excited about owning a shoe, I can see if it's in my size and the color I prefer.  No sales people are waiting for my answer, I can mull over the decision.  I can try on tons and tons of pairs and buy none if I want.  Love DSW..but I digress.

Moving along, DSW's athletic sneaker section is divided into areas.  One section of shoes is running shoes.  This is where you can find loads of brands.  The shoes are super cool in the running area.  Bright colors, cool laces, fun gadgets and logos.  There is also a  big section of casual athletic shoes.  Want cute sneaks that you can wear any day while running errands?  Look in that section.
Then there are 5 to 10 pair of walking shoes.  They were either totally white or totally black. The logos aren't in fun colors, no fancy doo dads and you guessed it, all white laces.  So what gives?  Why is is the runners get awesome, cool, fun shoes and walkers get...well let's be honest...senior citizen shoes.  I have nothing against the seniors, just saying at the ripe old age of 35 I don't want to wear totally white shoes. I want to walk and be cute at the same time.   So my quest is on to find a new pair of walking shoes that are comfy and COOL!

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lowags said...

Yep, I agree, walking shoes are ugly in almost every brand. It's like they don't care about people who walk, which doesn't make sense because everyone from your doctor to the physical therapist say you HAVE to walk to be fit and that it's better on your ody than running. Go figure.