Totally Teacher Throwback Thursday

Once upon a time I was an awesome early childhood teacher.  It seems like ages ago.  The fact is it was four years ago, which seems like forever.  Recently it hit me like a lightening bolt that much of what I already do is teacher like.  It also became apparent that I should use all that knowledge and teacher brain to guide things we do.  So I thought I could post sometimes about the teachery things we're doing.
So I've put a bunch of photos from around our house.  We have art supplies in identical bins I used as table supplies when I taught Kindergarten.  We have easels in the corner, which is a great place for the kids to be creative.
In addition we have a house area, big and little building blocks and of course a reading nook.  I love when C and G get engrossed in a book and settle into the chairs or pillows I've left for their cozy reading area.
Of course no classroom...ah, I mean house...is complete without rules and goals.  We have a large  poster with our house rules up.  Then I use post its for the kids goals.  I usually do one for Chelsea, one for Gavin and one for both.  I also keep a post it of our basic schedule...but we don't always stick to it.  Life happens!

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