Fitness Friday...Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Saturday 3.5
Sunday 2miles
Monday 5miles
Tuesday 2 miles
Wednesday 2 miles
Thursday 2 miles
Friday 3 mile

Total this week 19.5 miles this week
Total in 2011 45.5miles this year

For several years whenever winter hits, I sort of go into a funk.  I dislike being cooped up with the kiddies.  It's a pain to put on and take off so many layers every day.  My skin gets dry, my lips get chapped.  My favorite produce isn't really in season...so winter changes our menus.  Gosh there was very little I liked about winter.  In fact last year I begged my husband to consider moving us all south.  Somehow winter turned into spring and I was once again happy to get out and about.  But I made a vow to really change my feelings about winter.

I decided I needed to make a big attitude adjustment toward the cold.  So this year I got everyone boots, hats, snowsuits, sweater, jackets and slippers.   We weren't going to walk around inside or outside freezing...we would be warm (and a bit stylish..ha) I stocked up on lotion and chapstick and prepared for the worst.  But what made the biggest difference is I decided to embrace the weather change.  I wasn't going to join a gym this year, I wasn't going to hibernate....I was going to appreciate...winter!  yes, winter.

Well it worked!  I now am a winter time fan.  Love the quietness that comes with a snow storm.  We enjoy getting layered up to spend time outside several times a week.  I love seeing the discoveries that C and G make with the cold weather here.  And let me say it here first....I love walking in freezing temps (with the right gear on of course).  It's invigorating and a really nice change of pace.  If you get the winter blahs too, I hope this inspired you to try to enjoy the season.

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Theresa said...

Thanks for this, Eva. I have just been thinking that I too get the winter blahs. You've inspired me to fight it. I love your attitude and desire for change and growth.