I will walk 1,000 miles

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the gal who walked 1,000 miles
To fall down at your door!

Do you know that song?  I am a big fan and it gave me a big idea for a fantastic resolution idea.  Am I really going  try to walk 1,000 miles in 2011?  You betcha! 

I've been a runner since high school.  I used to enjoy the feeling of lacing up and getting extra sweaty on a jaunt around my neighborhood.  I continued to enjoy running sporadically in college.  Then I grew a bit more into running after college.  After my babies were born, it was a great way to get in an excellent workout in just a short amount of time.  Fast forward to April 2010,  I sustained a small injury to my right upper calf and back of my right knee during a very fun 5 miler in Valley Forge Park.  It was at this time I realized that being able to take care of my children meant more to me than my athletic goals of being a runner.  After my leg healed, I began walking...just to move a bit.  Guess what?  I love walking!  It clears my mind, makes my lungs feel amazing and I enjoy every moment.  So I began walking once or twice a week for my own sanity.What  a cheap hobby walking is...just shoes and some clothing and gear I already owned made me ready for any weather.   My addiction grew and I got a serious walkers' high every time I went.  So I upped my walking to five times a week.  Each morning I'd wake up earlier than my household.  The time walking helped me clear my head, destress and set my goals for the day.  Still loving it, I was looking for a walking goal that would keep me motivated. Then it came to me while I was listening to that great Proclaimers song.  Why not shoot for a goal to walk as many miles as I can in 2010?  I'm hoping to get to a thousand, but I'll be happy just to keep moving and walking!

Wanna hear some stats?

1,000 miles / 365 days = 2.7 miles a day
1,000 miles/ 52 weeks =  19 miles a week
1,000 miles/12 months = 83 miles a month

Anyone want to join me? Most Fridays I will do a Fitness Friday Check In on my blog.  I"ll detail how many miles I"m up to and then talk a bit about how this goal is making me feel!!!  If you're interested in walking "with me"  just comment on how you did this week.

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Theresa said...

Fantastic idea! I will join you with my walk/run miles. I always do better if I have an end goal. Thanks for such a great idea.