WFLW...a sick bento

Bento Lunch

That title sounds kind of icky, right?  Let me explain.  At the end of last week everyone but my husband had a pretty nasty cold.  I made bentos for their dinner on Thursday (so I could head right to bed when Chris got home).  Late Thursday evening I had a small burst of energy while heading to the kitchen to heat up my heating pad.  I decided to make these bentos for lunch on Friday.  This way everything was organized, easy and right in the fridge for lunch.
Each child has leftover tomato bread strips (our "pizza"), a bear filled with life cereal, a muffin holder filled with tea biscuits and a fruit salad of kiwi, grapes and strawberries.  I put 3 jelly beans in the little hearts.  

My kids are loving the little dividers and containers.  I found most of these at Michael's Craft Store.


Stephanie Rempe said...

Those bentos look perfectly well to me! ;) We have those cute heart containers too! My girls love them!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your heart containers. At my house anything can be a dip.