Barbie Clothes

Do you think I'm crazy yet?  If not, this post may convince you, that in fact I'm nuts.  A few months ago, one of my "facebook friends" mentioned homemade barbie clothes.  Now there are tons and tons of barbie clothes at the store, so why make them? 1. To save some cash. 2. To reuse fabrics or clothes that would otherwise go to waste.  3. Barbie's clothes have gotten a bit risque as of late.  So why not try my hand? Below are the pictures and some descriptions.
This is Princess Tianna.  She is wearing cut off baby socks.  I just use from the ankle up.  Chelsea is the one who layers them! Another positive is they are super easy for her 3 year old hands to get on and off Barbie.
This is a pink gymboree sock top (with tiny bow).  I attached it to a bottom of pant leg that already have a ruffle.
This is a very old pair of Chelsea's pants.  These were soft cotton pants, then capri pants, then leggings, then extra clothes for her preschool bag.  With a few stitches I turned it into a little cotton dress for Ariel.
I cut the top of some purple pants, so I could utilize the elastic band.  It looked sort of blah...so we added the purple sash.
This black and white fabric is from an old dress of mine.  I turned that dress into a shirt and this was a bit of the remnant.

Chelsea got hand me down pants that had an adorable pattern.  The waist band was broken and there was a serious stain.  So rather than ditch them, now Snow White can rock this little party dress.  I did  a pleated mid section by just folding over before I sewed.

Here is my barbie lover who happily modeled each Barbie (thus the pink plaid PJ background in most of the pics). 

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Theresa said...

These are adorable! You did a great job. And I'm so glad Chelsea loves them too. No more slutty barbie!