Totally Terrific Tuesday

Today I had the totally best time shopping.  Gavin and I dropped Chelsea off at school and headed on some errands.  I had coupons, gift cards and a short list.  First we hit Five and Below, where Gavin tried on some very cool glasses.  He was able to easily find tons of stuff he wanted to get, but we got out of there with a few organizational items and some clingy valentine stickers for our sliding doors.  Next we went to Dress Barn where i had a $30 dollar gift card and a $10 off coupon.  I found a few cute shirts, a purse and some jewelery.  Most of the items ended up being 1/2 off.  So I left the store with everything for just $2.00 out of pocket...it was an awesome shopping score.  But not the best of the day.

Then Gavin and I went to try on walking shoes at DSW (more on that in Friday Fitness Blog entry).  We went to the clearance section where I found these cute shoes.  They are Tommy Hillfiger Espadrilles with nude color leather and a paisley, floral pattern.

These shoes were originally marked $69, but they had been put down to $49.  I generally don't every buy casual shoes that are this expensive, especially ones that aren't for everyday.  But I saw they had a purple, red then yellow ticket.  The yellow ticket meant 80% off..  I did some quick math in my head (8X5) and thought I"d be getting a great, great deal.  I brought my $10 reward coupons.  So when I rang out the DSW salesperson paid me!!! Yes it was only a penny.  But I actually got Tommy Hillfiger shoes for free!

Now that was a great deal.  Now I'm looking forward to warm weather, capris, summer dresses and these shoes!

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