Fitness Friday...tough week to walk

Saturday 6miles
Sunday 2miles
Monday 5miles
Tuesday no walk
Wednesday 2miles
Thursday sick day
Friday sick day

Total this week 15 miles this week
Total in 2011 60.5miles this year

So this week  was a snowy, rainy, icy week.  In fact I got out only two days for great long walks.  The other two days I was able to walk, I did extra laps and walking in stores and indoors.  Then my kids got sick and of course because they are generous to a fault....they shared.  So as I type this post I am pretty darn sick myself...ew.  I had plans of taking lots of photos of my walks around town.  But because of the limited amount I got out, there are only a few pics to share.  
Here is the view from the top of a nearby hill.  It's hard to see, but the view is really cool!  It is even better at night, but those pics never turn out from my phone.
The Rooster, it's sort of an icon around here.  It makes me smile when I walk past it!
The last photo is this little river that runs through this area.  I pass over it several times on my long walks.  This is a great example of how pretty it looks in the winter.

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