Top Ten Tuesday

Saw this idea on another blog and liked the idea of making my own top ten lists on Tuesday.  Something to break up the week, work my mind in a different way and make me feel like David Letterman.

My Top Ten list of how my life has changed with kids
1. Let's get this one out of the way...my life is definitely better, happier, fuller and more wonderful with the kids around!
2. I now own a station wagon instead of an SUV, so that my kids and aging dog can easily get in and out of the car.  
3. The amount of time I get to spend doting on my darling aforementioned dog has certainly changed a ton.
4. I know what Yo Gabba Gabba is...and I am not happy about it.
5. I bake, from scratch.  I was the queen of buying it at the bakery or picking up the easy box mix version.  Because of my daughter's allergies I now bake and do most cooking from scratch.  Even made all our babyfood.  If you knew me before you'd never believe this one.
6. A fun evening out consists of drinking coffee in a local bookstore for 30 minutes.  Again, if you knew me before this would sound crazy.
7. Before kids I only stepped foot in the library for teaching.  Now I go twice a week at least, reserve books and excitedly await their arrival at my library.  
8. I'm in bed most nights by 9 or 10.
9. I love playdates and playgroups because I get to spend time with other moms.
10. I see the father my husband is and love him more than I ever have before.



Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

Oh yay--I love a good Top Ten list! You should link to Oh Amanda;) Totally cracking up at #4. We don't get whatever channel Yo Gabba Gabba is on and we've never seen it. I did catch a few minutes at a friend's house once and it. is. weird.

Heather O'Mara Photography said...

I love this list! So agree with #9 and thought #10 was so sweet.