Look: From start to finish how we made our applesauce/apple butter/ apple pie concoction.  We went to the farm on a mom's club outing.  The kids had a blast picking apples.  We bought a huge bushel and it cost a bit over 15 bucks!  Score!  The kids had a fabulous time doing the haystack mazes and mini tractors.  As they played I dreamed of what I would make with the apples.  The last photo is my apple recipe in the crockpot.  I did this twice.  Once we made it thick almost apple butter consistency.  The kids ate it up (no sugar needed) and called it apple pie.  This made me think, hmmm...lets try that.  So we loaded some into pie crusts and yum!
Learn:  I was going for apple butter and came out with apple sauce.  I was so into doing my own recipe, cutting out any sugars etc that I didn't bother consulting a recipe.  Lesson learned, next time I will so I get the end result I was looking for.  But happy accidents come in the fact we did apple pies, apple sauce and used this as a spread on toast and sweetner in warm oatmeal.
Love:  Every phase of this was fun, from the picking to the children dubbing it apple pie!

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