Mommy loves Monday!

Changing it up a bit here.  I was thinking of following more of a weekly format showing things that happen to us, as a family.  I'm sure no matter what the topic is the kids will sneak into the posts.  Today I want to write about what I've done for myself this week...thus calling it Mommy Monday.  Sound selfish?  It's really not.  A great piece of advice I was once given was that mom has to take care of herself first so she is better equipped to take care of the family.
 So let me tell you about one of the ways I've taken care of me lately.  The photo above is from the fall festival in Chestnut Hill.  Back in my single days I lived in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia.  The move to Philadelphia took a bit of a learning curve from my days in DC.  As a Capitol Hill afficianado, I really scoured Philly for the area that would give me the DC feel and get me close to my family.    I loved walking wherever I went. The restaurants, shops and food stores are the best.  It was uber easy to get around and even fun to do my errands.  Imagine creating a great spread for a few friends with a fun afternoon of shopping.  First stop the bread store for a great loaf of french bread.  Next sample and pick out a fabulous cheese at Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop.  Then it's onto the farmer's market for a delicious dish that is food network worthy.  Last thing is to pick a great bottle of wine.  Saturday night with a few friends,  in my cozy little home...my version of perfection. 

Trip down memory lane over. So every year I try to get to at least one of the festivals.  They block off the street, have tons of vendors and food.  On this beautiful day I enjoyed a pumpkin beer while ambling down the cobbled street looking at all the beautiful things being sold. BLISS! We stopped at Jenk's School playground.  When I told Chelsea I used to teach at this school her eyes got really wide.  She couldn't believe I was a teacher, especially at a school with the BEST playground ever.  This little mommy event was good for the kids and Chris too, which makes it an all around great thing to do.  Can't wait until the garden festival in the spring

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