Look: This year is the first year I actually got joy from my garden.  We got to eat most of the strawberries, a job previously held by Millie our dog.  We also grew potatoes, tomatoes and herbs.
Learn: I learn little by little how to garden.  This year instead of trying to plant tons of things, we did a little and that really helped up keep up.  The kids really enjoyed digging and playing and seeing things grow.  This past week I saw that my friend had bowls of dried herbs from her garden.  I thought it was perfect timing to do this here too.  I dried sage, oregano, basil and mint.  I even infused some herbs into my olive oil and froze it for sauces.
Love:  Flavor brings me joy...so herbs are a great way to make everything taste fantastic.  My favorite this year was my pesto.  I make it with roasted soybeans, basil and evoo.  It comes out super yummy and no one has asked or missed the cheese!

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