First Day of Preschool for Chelsea

Look: Holy Canoli, my child is three and needs to begin school.  This thought first hit me mid winter when our local mother's club group sent a list of suggested preschools in their newsletters.  While reading through it I realized that registration for September actually begins in January...who knew?  My search was really short.  I loved the first school I visited.  Loved the teachers, loved the schedule, loved the...everything.  Asked a few questions about dealing with allergies and then knew this is the right spot for my kids.  These are a few pictures of the first day.  First at home, then at the door of school, then with her adorable friend Adalyn (who is in her class too, yippee!)
Learn: I taught preschool and kindergarten for 10 years.  I NEVER understood why the moms cried.  I used to be sympathetic, tell them the child would be fine and didn't think about it any further.  Well on Chelsea's first ( and 2nd, 3rd, 4th...) day I cried my little heart out.  Chris kept reassuring me that she would be okay (he thought I was worried about the food).  But what was really happening was I couldn't believe my tiny, sweet baby girl was actually able to leave me and go to school.
Love: She did great of course and adores school!  What was I worried about?

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