Top Ten Tuesday, Halloween Candy

Here are the top ten things would like to find in my daughter's candy bag this year.  We're doing complete swaps for their entire candy bags this year.  This way she'll have the fun of gathering up the goodies and getting safe treats.    What I am hoping the little ones collect???

1. Baby Ruth...the best candy bar ever, hands down, without a doubt.  In fact my list could stop here.  It is a much overlooked treat, but tops my list.  Have you ever seen a baby ruth blizzard at Dairy Queen?...thought not.  Hoping to get a few of the mini ones.

2. Butterfinger...Bart Simpson and I both love these.

3. M&Ms...I would never buy these, but they are terrific.

4. Snickers

5. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup  (as you can see 4/5 in the top have peanut in them...yum!)

6. Necco Wafers...no one gives these out anymore.  Is it because of the thin waxpaper used to hold them in? These remind me of my mom and are fun.

7. Banana Laffy Taffy's...bad for teeth, good for belly

8. Dots...another dental nightmare

9.Regular Hershey Bar...growing up, it was the best when our neighbor gave out full size original hershey bars......can't go wrong with that one.

10. Reese's Pieces...it's like adding #3 and #5 and reminds me of ET my favorite childhood movie.

Have no fear, Chris will be bringing most of the loot to work. I won't be sending my blood sugars sky rocketing come next Monday. But I'll snag a few treats, especially if any of these are in the bag.  Of course I'll share a few "unsafe" treats with Gavin, while Chelsea's at school too.

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Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

I am so weird, I like the "kitchen sink" candy bars: wachamacallit and take 5. Don't think I will be so lucky, so I'll settle for reeses's pb cups. I'll take about 100 of those please.