Thankful Thursday

Thinking about how happy I am to be healthy

My husband and I are in the midst of a cold.  Mine is almost over.  Whenever I have the sniffles, I get sort of down.  I long for the days of easy breathing, no tissues and soundly sleeping.  But somehow when I do get back to my normal self, I really only appreciate it for a day or two.

Every time I ever visit the doctor or hospital with my children I am especially thankful for their health.  It merely takes remembering that some families are dealing with all sorts of health issues that makes me appreciate our own health.  I say a prayer for any parent dealing with sick children every day.

Finally it was eleven years ago this week that I lost my father to cancer.  It's taken eleven years to be thankful that I had a healthy, wonderful father for most of my life. Thinking about this anniversary makes me give thanks that the people I love are healthy right now.

Now off to enjoy my good health!

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