Finger Paint

Look: I avoid this at all costs.  But on this day I really wanted to tire and entertain the kids all day...without the lovely TV.  So we fingerpainted right before bath time (I'm a very smart mommy!)
Learn: Believe it or not finger painting tells a lot about a person's personality.  Sort of like those ink blot tests.  Chelsea is generally a tidy, very feminine, rule follower.  Gavin is messy, boyish, rule breaker.  Total opposites!  So as you can see Chelsea used on a few fingers to paint.  She tried to keep it neatly on the paper and managed to walk away from the table with none on her clothing.  Really the only spot she made that wasn't intentional was on her knuckle.  Her brother was a different story.  The moment I put the paper plates of paint down he dug both palms all the way in.  He lathered his paper and tray up with the paint, so much so the paper became super mushy.  By the time he was finished he had paint on his forehead, clothing (even socks) and had solidly covered up to his elbows in paint.  
Love:  Messy things are hard to get up the energy to do.  But on this occasion (and most occasions) I am happy I let them make messes.

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