Look: Today's post is just about giving thanks.  Lately I've been reading some book by Geneen Roth that have really been opening my eyes and changing my thinking.  To give a brief synopsis:  Her writing has reinforced the fact that each day is gift.  Also I'm seeing just how strong and powerful positive thinking is.  The photos above were taken by my husband.  He pulled over on the side of the road to take photos on a trip he had taken up to the poconos.  He sent them to my phone and I kept them.  Just looking at them brought me joy, especially since he sent them to me.
Learn: I'm learning to change the inner voice, make it more rainbows and less criticism. How fantastic does that sound?   I don't want to go on and on about the changes, but let's say I'm thankful!
Love: I love rainbows, love my husband, love my kids and love myself.

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