Menu Planning Monday

Again...stealing this from another blog.  After my first week of blogging by weekly words, I'm hooked...at least for now.  So onto my meal planning.  Tonight I went to cooking class through the FEAST allergy group I attend.  Not only did we learn some great recipes, ingredients and techniques, but we also tasted it all.  Between the food and talking to other moms whose kids have severe food allergies I was in heaven.  If you've been to my home you know I have a chalk board that lists the weekly menu.  So although I made my menu list yesterday...think I will switch out Saturday Night for my new meatball (aka meat lollipop) recipe.

Monday:  Chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, stuffing and vegetable medley. 
This wasn't a hit.  I was going out  to cooking class so Chris fed the kids. I'm pretty sure he had to work at it.  I heard lots of airplane noises. Love that man!

Tuesday: Pasta Norma
Just a fancy way of saying spaghetti with Eggplants in the sauce

Wednesday: Leftover makover: Chicken Salad
The kids will be eating this and we'll be having California Pizza Kitchen Pizza after they go to bed.  My moms club is having a fundraiser, so I try to do my part and scarf down pizza.  But it's the perfect night for leftover makeover because I don't have enough leftover chicken for us all.

Thursday : Fish Dinner
Going to attempt to make some homemade fish sticks, but it may end up as baked fish instead.  Going to make the veggie chips from cooking class to go with it.

Friday : Pizza Night 
You did see pizza earlier for Chris and I, but on Fridays I make homemade dough and stew a pizza sauce.  We leave it without the cheese.  I've been creative with the toppings lately for the adults...will have to think on that one, we may have some bacon in the fridge. Everything is better with bacon, am I right?

Saturday Night: Meat Lollipop night
 Learned a new "secret" ingredient to add that will pack some protein into my meatballs.  Add a stick and voila...lollipops.  We made some terrific dipping sauces so I think I'll try the roasted cauliflower dipping sauce and serve some veggies and scoops with the pops.

Sunday Night : Chicken Pot Pie in my crockpot
Sunday is Halloween and we'll have Grandma here for a visit.  So I'm going to make chicken pot pie in my crockpot to simmer for the afternoon.  Then we'll bake up some flaky tops.    

What meal this week are you most looking forward to? 

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Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

Meal I'm most looking forward to this week: the one I don't cook for myself. Ha! I have a college friend coming in Friday and we're going out. I'm trying Jo-Lynne's (Musings of a Housewife) TNT pot roast tonight. I got a pot roast at the store and I was going to do the old cream of mushroom soup and onion soup mix, but I wanted to try something new. I love chicken pot pie too. I have some filling frozen in the freezer, so maybe we'll have that later this week. Let me know how the meatball lollipops go over. I have some sticks lefover somewhere from when we made magic monkey bananas.