Look: We played Zoo today in a bunch of different ways. G got a really neat toy zoo from Grandma for Xmas. We all layed on the floor and made animal noises and took turns pushing the buttons to make the toy play music. Later we made a parade of zoo animals with our stuffed animal collection. And finally we pretended (maybe it was just me pretending) that Millie was a wild animal. Our baby gate is the perfect cage. Love the first photo makes me think my babies are the animal attraction.

Learn: Animals are fun. They are the perfect toys for girls and boys. We watch animal planet sometimes and both kids are glued when I put it on. C knows lots of animals, but there are so many types, noises, facts and info that I could see this being a real passion for both of our kids.
Love: Playing Zoo was fun. I love how into it C got. G enjoys any toy he can shove in his mouth right now, so he's easy.

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