Outside Time

Look: Today we spent all afternoon and evening out in our yard (besides dinner. It was the first time G was able to truly explore grass. At first he refused to put his hands down, but then once he realized it was okay, he loved it! C found her own little obstacles all over the yard. She spent time climbing over tree roots (in photo), toddling up the hill, carrying rocks from one side of the yard to the other and more.
Learn: Although I really want some outdoor things for the kids, I don't need them. They have fun just playing in nature. How lucky am I. This is exactly the reason I moved from the city to the burbs, so I enjoyed every minute of playtime today.
Love: I love the imagination C displays. I love the timidness G had at first with the grass. Of course I love our dog Millie, she loves the yard more than all of us combined. But most of all I love that we are able to play together right in our own backyard.

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