Looking for "gold"

Look: Since it's St. Patty's Day we pretended the Leprechauns hid gold and we looked for it. I had 6 formula can lids (purple discs) that I would hide while C and G watched. Then it would be her turn to find them and put them into the green holder...(I've been trying to find a use for the spongy fruit holder that I got with my Xmas Grapefruit for a while..jackpot!)

She would even say "hmmm" while tapping her chin and looking. It was really cute. We played this game at least a dozen times and they loved it. Learn: C took a turn hiding the lids and she wasn't really ready for that. She understood when I hid them, but she kept gathering them up and not really putting them anywhere for me to find. It was okay, I don't mind being the hider until these guys get bigger. I was astounded that she could easily remember 4 of the lids each time. The last two she usually needed help with.

Love: Games are my absolute favorite. I need to find more things like this to do with the kids because they responded really well to it.

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