Kitchen Play

Look: We played "Kitchen" for the better part of the morning. I brought the tongs, spaghetti spoon, wooden stirfry spoons and pancake flipper for us to play with. First C tried transfering different objects between our buckets. She would try for a little bit to use the tool alone. Then just place the object on the kitchen tool and balance it. G was thrilled when he got to hold one of these tools. After the novelty of the tools wore off, we decided to make toy stew. We put linkers, food, cars and some other things into the bucket. We took turns stirring it. C put it in the pretend oven and then served it up. G spent the rest of the morning methodically putting each ingredient in his mouth. He definitely approved of our choice of games this morning. I brought pretzels down for C's snack and Millie decided at this point she wanted to play too! ha
Learn: I thought using the tools would be good hand eye practice for C. I didn't picture it being quite as hard to grab the toys with the tools. Maybe if we tried it with cheerios or other small objects it would be easier. I will definitely play this again soon. I may put some of these tools in the kids' drawer in the kitchen so they can use them as we get meals ready. Also, I learned that C. is pretty good at pretending, she really gets into it!
Love: Gavin stayed completely engaged the entire time playing with all the different pretend foods and tools. I love trying to see things through his eyes. C. loved when Millie decided to play...its a shame the dog only wants to be involved when there is food, but then again she is a dog!

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