Making Baby Food

Look: Today I let C and G hang out in the kitchen while I made baby food for G. Today we made chicken, cauliflower, spinach, and blueberry. The kids didn't really do much, but we talked about each kind of food. We talked about each stage (cooking, pureeing and storing). C basically repeated everything I said. It was especially considerate of her to warn G every time I'd turn on the blender, she'd tell him "its okay...its mommy making food".

Learn: I learned making this much at once is quite a task. Usually I try to stagger my batches, but we ran out of veg, meat and fruit all at once. A few months back I started freezing some of the batch in breast milk storage bags. This way I can grab a bag of puree to add to recipes. My daughter will not touch a vegetable so I have to hide them. I have a neat contraption to store the bags and it makes my freezer much less messy.
Love: Originally when I found out I'd have make baby food because of C's allergies I was not a happy Mommy. But now I love making it. I can control the types of food and the consistency. I can make the equivelent of 20 jars for about 2 bucks, which of course makes me feel even better about what I'm feeding my little prince!

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