Look: This was C's first time on any sort of inflatable jumping play equipment. After stopping briefly to acknowledge a few friends, she did not stop playing for over an hour. The basic moon bounce was where we spent a majority of our time. C would say "jump, jump, jump" with each bounce. Even though I love her, it got tiresome. Then there was a playground item with latticed ropes to climb on. Off to one side was an obstacle course which C and I did twice (in pic). My favorite was the giant slide. A friends' daughter wanted to go up and she asked if I could take her. Since Chels didn't seem interested I climbed the latter holding S. When I got to the top I heard the other moms yelling that C had followed me. After I slid down really fast I looked and my little two year old (almost) was at the top all by herself. I slid down with her and she loved it. She went back up and down all by herself a total of about five times. I even went down a few times on my own. It was so much fun.

Learn: I learned that C has passed through her timid phase and is comfortably in the indestructable phase. She didn't skip a beat and tried everything with little apprehension. I was quite impressed with my little explorer. Also I learned from now on we're bringing Daddy and Gav to these things too. They would have both loved watching our girl in action!

Love: I loved experiencing this together with C. We're entering the two year old zone. Although I know this comes with the terrible twos, it also comes with fantastic exploration. You have to take the bad with the good!

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