Look: Today C's playgroup met at an indoor playground equipment store. It was a large space with a bunch of really nice backyard play structures. C's eyes lit up when she saw the trampoline. She rode down lots of slides, said hi to tons of kids and loved swinging with her friends. G rode the swings and really enjoyed watching the other kids. As usual he was playing cutesy for any Mom that would look at him. Love that baby!
Learn: I learned about the other kids in her playgroup. S was really digging the whole scene. He spent a lot of time walking around and investigating. He would make a great little detective. A felt like a true toddler. She thought she was grown up walking away without looking back for Mommy. She is 1 going on 5! L seems to love climbing, give that boy a tree and I think he'd get right up it!
Love: I feel lucky to have new Mom friends. These little kids are super tots and its mostly due to them having cool Mommies (but I am biased). We've only had a few groups so far, but every time I have a blast with this crew. C is really learning how to be less shy and G always enjoys himself. Love the UMMC!

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