Playing with Jack and Colby

Look: On Thursday my friends Emily and Sue came over with their little boys. It was such a fun little playdate. C. was in quite a mood, lots of whining and pouting. She usually loves these friends, so I was surprised. G had a good time, as usual. He was his usual self, busy boy. But I had the best time of all. I got to try out a recipe I saw on Rachel Ray. We all chatted and laughed, then chatted much more. Mommy time is great.

Learn: As you can tell from that last picture, I learned G can't make it through lunch when he hasn't had any rest time in the morning. It was rather funny because he fell asleep mid feeding (what? sleeping rather than eating...crazy for Gman!) Also I learned that the best times at this age are when I can have times with my good friends.
Love: Colby: I love watching Colby grow. I met him when he was first born and G was just days from being born. I fell in love with him then. Now I love that he smiles at the drop of a hat. I love the tuft of dark hair that makes him look like the opposite of Leo. He is such a neat kid!
Jack: I met Jack when he was less than a day old, it was love at first holding. His knees were the best because they were a bit wrinkly and baggy like worn in jeans. He has grown leaps and bounds in the two short months we've known him. But each time I see Jack, I'm struck by what a cutie pie he is.

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