Happy and Sad...again

Look: I did this a few months ago. Spent most of the day playing and finding out what makes Chelsea and Gavin happy. Of course in any given day I also easily find out what makes them sad. Here is our list for late winter.
Happy: being a mommy to her dolls, talking on the phone, singing, dancing, Grandma!, pancakes, marshmellows, animals, books, binkies, doing things by herself, washing hands, using a spoon, drinking out of a cup, Millie, Beyonce's single ladies song, Gavin (especially now when he tries to crawl)
Sad: Vegetables on her plate, when Gavin touches her toys at the wrong moment, when a show ends and the TV turns off, getting her face washed.
Happy: when he sits up all by himself, eating, eating and more eating, rolling, touching Chelsea's toys, Millie, animal noises, repetition of silly sounds, tickling, sitting next to Chelsea and trying to get her binky, Binkies, Mommy, Daddy and Chelsea
Sad: not getting food fast enough, getting stuck on a big toy when trying to roll or scoot across the room, having no binky, teething, having to get in crib without being rocked to sleep
Learn: I can't believe how much these things stay the same and change. Gavin is getting so big I'm wanting to stop time. I wish all the snow we got could somehow freeze my children for a year or two so I can savor every bit of them. I bet when I do this again in the spring things will be even more different. But I'm sure they will both still be loving Binkies! I'm thinking I should do a general list of happy and sad for each year of their lives. This could be a neat thing for their scrapbooks!
Love: Gosh, parenthood is amazing. As many times as I heard it from people while I was pregnant, I could never have imagined it would be like this. I'm so blessed.

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