So, I love Wednesdays now.  Not because I get to put pics of my outfits up.  But because I go to Pleated Poppy a few times today to check out the clothes.    Also loving the accountability.  This week I was able to snag pics of  more outfits.  I also turned off the flash and had hubby take a few. 

Heading out in the evening to meet up with my mentor.  Figured I would try a new combo.
Jeans: Old Navy
Sweater: Kmart
Shirt: Costco
Necklace: ?
This is the day I headed into work to sit floor and answer phones.  
Sweater and Tee: Old Navy
Skirt: Oldie but Goodie...?
Shoes: DSW

 This was a preschool day.  My son and I ran a lot of errands while the princess was in school. 
Khaki Pants: Kohls 
Pink Tee: Gap outlet
Jean shirt/jacket:  ?  dunno
Necklace: me
Made the necklace over the weekend and just looking for reasons to wear it, what a geek.  Saw Holly Robinson Pete wear one during an episode of celebrity apprentice (last year) and couldn't get the color combo out of my mind. Michael's was having a sale on beads...so I made it!

Jeans: Levi
Plain White t: ?
New Navy Wrap Sweatshirt: Lucky Brand from Costco
Shoes: Lands End
Even though this outfit is boring (did try it with scarves, necklaces and other shirts) I love it a lot.  I have been drooling over this Lucky sweatshirt since fall 2009 when I tried it on at a GNO.  Saw it at Costco and snatched it up quick...since it was now a reasonable price.  Any ideas of what to put it with?


Jennifer said...

cute outfits! :)

Frenchy said...

Super cute outfit ! Fun !

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Loving the oldie but goody skirt. That's a piece you can make into so many different looks.
You left a lovely comment on my blog "Creative Cain Cabin", so I wanted to pop in and thank you. I would like to follow you blog, but see no option for this. Let me know if I'm just missing it.
Have a Great Day