So, I love the idea of WIWW.  I knew it would make me think a bit more about what I put on each day.  But it goes a step further.  Not only did I look in the mirror, but I photographed myself. My photog skills stink, big time.  Need to clean my mirror, and work on the self portrait, but this is something I will do again!
This was for my day of doctors, school, lunch and playgrounds. Lands End Cardi, Old Navy Tee,  Levi Jeans, Shoes from DSW

Levi  Jeans, Eddie Bauer Shirt,  Dress Barn Jacket

 Hanging at the house Day: Levi Jeans and a sweatshirt I snagged at Costco
 Saturday with the family:  Levi Jeans, Eddie Bauer Sweater Wrap Vest
This was me trying to figure out how to take a good picture.  These pics are so blurry..WIWW will be a work in progress.   Love going to the website http://thepleatedpoppy.com/blog/ to see some inspirational outfits.  I generally think I look pretty cute every day.  My clothes definitely express my personality, but not completely. I love the way the other ladies put their ensembles together.

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Sara F. said...

You look great! WIWW is definitely a learning process. I love your jacket from Dress Barn!