Teacher Throwback Thursday

A few more things around the house that remind me of my teaching days.  Thought I'd share.

Clip Rings:: I used to organize a lot using these when I was teaching.  They kept index cards, papers and homemade books in a neat little package.  Recently, I was cleaning up the same pack of cards for the third time.  It hit me, punch a hole clip these together and I won't have to do this...EVER...again.  Now we organize pictures, flashcards and books on these rings.  Super easy for them to use and clean up! 

Labeling:: The room was always well labeled when I taught.  It helped a ton for the kids to see the words and use it in their writing.  We've got most stuff labeled around here.  My daughter will now look at the word, announce the first letter, say the sound  and then happily call out what must be inside. Such fun!  I found post its where the whole sheet is stick, so these are easy to change out and no mess. 

Magnet Boards::We had a large white board just sitting in our bedroom.  The kids had tons and tons of magnets everywhere.  It was like the marriage of peanut butter and chocolate to put the two together.  Now the kids have a magnetic white board in their toy room for their magnets.  We make animal stories on here, play zoo and just have fun.

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