Top Ten Tuesday...ways to feel wonderful

Even if you know me, you may not know that I'm confident when it comes to my looks.  Never been asked to model, never been in a pageant....so I don't mean that sort of confident.  What I'm referring to is when I look in the mirror, I am pleased with what I see. Yes, there are days when I would rather be slimmer, taller or have some sort of different physical attributes.  But I like myself, there I said it.  I like me, just as I am.  Here are top ten ways I encourage myself to feel pretty

1. I say (out loud or to myself) in the mirror, "you are beautiful".  I also try to tell my kids this everyday too...or some version of it.  Telling the kids is the easy part!

2. Make up, clothes and hair.  I'll only do one on these topics.  I wear what I like.  I put time and effort into myself on most days.  It used to make me feel selfish to take longer than 5 minutes getting ready.  Now I relish trying to whip up cute looks fast!

3. I listen to what my husband says.  What on earth does that one mean?  He tells me I look pretty or nice and I believe him.  Enough said.  This goes for what my friends say too.  I try hard to know how to take a compliment.

4. I mostly do things I am good at and things I like.  Love to try new things, love to take on new hobbies. But if you ask me to go out for Sushi, I say no.  Want to jump out of plane?  You got the wrong lady.  Now that I am 35, I know myself well and I generally try to do things I like. Who has time to waste?

5. I usually wear beautiful pajamas.  A few years back I ditched most of my uggo pjs and went with pretty sets that look and feel good.  No, I'm not talking about lingerie.  But I am talking about florals, striped,soft, silky,  cozy sets with feminine flair. It's fun to feel cute before hitting the sack.

6.I've mentioned this before on my blog.  But with all the hustle and bustles a young family provides, I try to do something for myself daily.  Sometimes, it is just sitting to type this.  Other days it's a bubble bath, time to read, walking alone or time with friends.  Come to think of it.  I probably do several things a day just for me!  Go me!

7. I'm a cheerleader.  Not the pom pom types.  But I like to encourage others (or at least try to). What is awesome about this is that I hear that positive cheerleadery type voice most of the time.  When I'm trying to get something done my inner voice says "you can do it".  If I've finished all the laundry she says" you are a rock star."  Sounds funny but it helps my confidence tons!

8. My kids go to bed almost every night by 8:00.  this means time with my husband.  Some nights it means guilt free night out with friends.  Either way, I enjoy the time with the kids, but we stay stern on their bedtime so we have time together.

9. I eat and drink things that are good for me.  This is a tough one, it  happens the majority of the time.  Usually when I'm home I eat well.  But it feels awesome to take good care of yourself.

10. I laugh as often as I can.  Life is tough.  There are lots of reasons to get down.  But when a good reason to laugh comes along, I let go and laugh.
Last tip is to get at least 6 hugs a day.  Learned this as a teacher and it works!

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