What's for lunch Wednesday

Bento Lunch
December has been a really busy Bento month for us.  I've already sung the praises of these to go meals. It is a necessity for us to bring meals with us, and these allow us to eat practically anywhere (as you will see below).  Yes, most of my bentos are just tupperware...but I'm having so much fun creating them. For the holidays I had the pleasure of making a few dessert bentos for our many holiday events.  I figure it's only fair to give my kids a little smattering of desserts like any usual Xmas party has.  They loved it...too bad I forgot to take photos.

This one has salted edamame beans, carrots, Xmas tree SB&J sandwiches, rolled roast beef, picks of grapes and grape tomatoes, shaped apples and cinnamon pita chips.  Can you tell I give Gavin way more vegetables?  Our goal with Chelsea is for her to finish her vegetables or make a good dent...so I don't want to make that an impossibility.  Good News: Lots of progress on the veggie eating front with my girl!
 Easy bento: Tofutti Xmas sandwich, carrot sticks, pretzel sticks a slice of ham, a marshmellow  and tangerines.  My pic won't turn, but it's meant to look like decorated trees with presents underneath. 
 A quick lunch: These have half a jam sandwich each, a homemade banana-apple muffin, mixed veg and raisins.

 We ate the quick lunch one at Wegman's after a productive grocery shopping trip.  They have uber cute little tables and a tv playing kid shows.  I usually grab a diet coke for myself as a treat and enjoy the break while watching my cuties munch away.  It's also a great incentive for good behavior on our trip!
 We ate the Xmas tree bentos at Panera's before an allergist appointment.  Chelsea and Gavin enjoyed sitting on the same side of the booth together.  To be honest there was a bit more playing than eating that day...but who cares?

 The last two photos are from going to Longwood Gardens.  I was psyched on this freezing day that we had packed our food.  The restaurant was on the other side of the Gardens and were very crowded.  So it was perfect to find a warm bench inside.  Chelsea ate in the stroller and Gavin did it picnic style on the bench.

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Stephanie Rempe said...

Your kids are too cute! Love your blog, I just made my first dessert bento for The Youngest lastnight! Alas, I forgot to take pictures as well!