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A while back I saw about one of Oprah's aha moments.  She and I don't usually have the same light bulb, life changing thoughts.  On this day O's guest was author and speaker Geneen Roth.  I only caught a few minutes of the show, but what I saw intrigued me a bit.  Later that night I put a request on some of her books from the library.  Since the author was on Oprah, of course the books were on a long waiting list.  Anyhow it was quite a few months before I got my hands on her book Breaking Free from Emotional Eating.  I have to say by chapter two I was thinking Geneen was a phenomenon.  It had me rethinking some things that were seemed second nature.  I read When Food is Love next.  Still hooked on Geneen and seem to be really making changes to my thinking.  My favorite book of Geneen Roth's is When you Eat at the Refrigerator Pull up a Chair. In it Geneen describes in small chunks how to change your thinking and your life.  So today I thought I'd share a quote that made me change my thoughts on what I eat....

Geneen is describing a visit with her doctor.  She'd had shingles and other various ailments and couldn't get any relief.  The  doctor says " Think of your body as the earth.  If you want to plant a life-giving garden, you need to make sure the soil is loamy and rich with nutrients.  For most of your life, you've stripped the ground and still expected to grow healthy plants.  Now, you need to put some minerals back."  Best part is she got better.

I like this quote. I think of all the things I do to take care of my kids, my husband, my family, my dog, my home and my garden.  To liken making food choices to feeding the earth is remarkable to me.  When I was pregnant I followed the food pyramid to a tee...that is because I wanted to give the baby the best possible start.  Why not take this attitude for me?  I let this quote and chapter sit with me a bit before I moved on.  Now when I'm deciding what to eat, I think of it and usually (not always) make a choice that will nourish.

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