Top Ten Tuesday: Things I want for Christmas

My husband doesn't read my blog often, so this top ten isn't for him. It's just really a fun wish list.  I've included pictures from Christmas's past for the memories .

1. To sleep in past 7 a.m.

2. A great meal

3. A terrific dessert

4. A delicious  beer...flying fish winter ale (yummo)

5. Cozy cuddles on the couch with my husband and kids

6. A magically pristine kitchen or...what the hay...a magically clean house!

7. Lots of visits with family and friends

8. A nice nap under a warm blanket

 9. A safe, easy ride to Harrisburg (dislike bad driving conditions and traffic!)

10.To have most of the holiday busy work done before this weekend.  So we can relax and enjoy the time left to the holidays. 

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Thanks for sharing your list, Eva. You are a beautiful mother. Your children and your husband are so very blessed to have you. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mother. BIG XOXOXO I look forward to our hangout after the holidays. and Thank you for the adorable card. it's up on my fridge!!! I've been enjoying it all day. Have a wonderful Christmas!!