Playing Outside

Look: Today it got to be 44 degrees outside.  After a very frosty week, we were clamoring to get outside.  I'm feeling a bit under the weather and the kids have drippy noses.  Chris had to make a last minute trip to the poconos and the poor guy is snowboarding :)  So today I was trying to figure out what to do with the kids when they should be napping!  Not knowing how nice it was outside, I bundled up my little ones.  Sweatsuits, warmest winter coat, gloves, hats and hoods.  When we got outside we ditched some of the winter gear and played, played, played.  The kids gathered sticks for Millie.  We used the playground and swing set.  Both Chelsea and Gavin rode the trike...go Gavin (it was his first time getting it to move).  It was a great few hours!

Learn:  I should always check the weather.  We have gear for every sort of weather, so why not get out there more?  My two chickies are now completely worn out.  Does this mean it will be an early bedtime ?!?  hope so.  Also they worked up a great appetite and I switched a basic snack for veggies, fruit and meatballs.  They are both on their fourth meatball!

Love:  What I loved most about this was that the kids loved it.  Chelsea exclaimed that "We have the best playground, EVER!"  It's hardly as nice as some of the ones she has visited, so I know the comment was just about loving the time we were spending together.  Another thing I loved was how easy it is to get the dressed appropriately and out the door.  This was great especially when I wasn't feeling the best....close, free and easy!

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