Menu Plan Monday

 This week is busy.  I have something going on every night of the week.  In addition, our freezer is too full.  So this week, I'm trying to use up some of our food and be inventive with our meals.  Wednesday we're going to bake a bunch of cookies for school and upcoming parties.  I love to freeze cookies too, makes me feel less obligated to eat them.  So we'll need some freezer space for this too!  Thursday I'll be having a few friends over and want to try out a new recipe.  With these things in mind, I made it an easy week on myself.

Monday: Manwich Sandwich with green salad
Using my organic ground beef from the freezer.  Bought on sale, perfect in manwiches.
Tuesday:Chicken Pasta Italiano and breadsticks
This is from one of the 5 chicken dishes I made from the Frozen Assets book.  It is served warm the first day.  But I think I will add lettuce and use it cold another day for a Salad Works type salad.

Wednesday: Hot Ham Sandwiches with veggie fixins and fruit salad
I have been trying to make our own deli meat.  Last week I made a turkey roast and cut it thin.  This week I have a turkey ham with no nitrates to try out.  I make it in the beginning of the week, which lets Chris bring it for lunch and we can use it for lunches too.  But on Wednesday I will heat it up and probably pull out some fun sandwich fixins.
Thursday: Leftovers
We are bound to have a ton of all this stuff leftover, so Thursday I will put together some leftover plates or bentos for us.
Friday: Homemade Hot Pockets, fresh veg and dip
 I love making dough on Friday for Pizza.  This week we will use some of the manwich or ham as a filling for our own hot pockets.  

Saturday: Chili 
Sunday: TBD soup...I love experimenting
Nothing like having a meal in the crockpot for lunch and dinner on busy or lazy weekend (who knows which type this weekend will be).  We can put Chili on hot dogs or eat it as is or turn it into a dip.  And soup is great with salad, bread or a baked potato!

Breakfasts this week: Cold Cereal/ Muffins/ Hot Cereal/ Waffles/ Smoothies/ Breakfast cookies/ Soy Yogurt Partfaits

Lunches this week: Tofutti and jam sandwiches/ ham, fruit and veggies cubes/ hummus and chips/ leftover pasta salad/hot dogs/leftover hot pockets 


Lindsey said...

I had not heard of the Frozen Assets book. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

gnoegnoe said...

Still lots of csa veggies in my fridge to use up... I can tell I haven't been planning my menus the last few weeks!

Good for you, clear up that freezer space for cookies!