Think about it Thursday....a break

Let me begin with this disclaimer...by no stretch of the imagination am I a perfectionist.  I don't strive for perfection in any way.  I am an average sort of gal.  I'm happier to have completed a project, than to spend more time making it perfect.  I like my life the way it is...it's that simple.   But yet, I still hear a tiny voice always pushing to do more.  She says things like..."clean that", "help more", "be nicer", "make it better".  The inner me also pushes me to organize, cook, bake and plan like crazy.  

So do you know what I'm giving myself for Christmas this year? 
I"m going to tell her to shut it.  

Seriously, I'm going to stop feeling a sense of panic when the laundry piles up. Not going to over plan my days.  I will relax.  Can't wait to enjoy all the time with my friends and family.  I will be content in the moment.  Nope,  not going to think about what has to be done.  The focus won't be on what's next, but rather what is going on right now. 

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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