What's for lunch Wednesday

More Bentos.  I'm getting a bit on the obsessed side with these.  Such fun!

Here is a breakfast bento I did for over the weekend when we went out to breakfast at Ruby's diner.  Each kid got an english muffin, soy yogurt and grapes.  I added the fruit loops for fun.  My favorite part of the bentos is adding extra stuff.  It seems to give more variety and occupy more of their time.
We hit the Please Touch Museum on Monday.  Since we got a membership this will be a regular happening...bentos at the museum.  Our Turkey Day leftovers were from Saturday, therefore still good.  So they got (clockwise) apples, turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and homemade bread.  I brought along silk and pretzels too.  Gavin demolished his, seriously it echoed when he finished.  Chelsea was a bit less enthusiastic.  She ate the bread and turkey and pie.  She didn't like the lemony flavor of the apples (done to prevent brown...which is also a deterence for her too, so I couldn't win.)
Two bentos in one day...holy wow.  This was for Monday too.  We went to the mall to see Santa and get some energy out.  These two bentos fed us all.  The top left and bottom right are homemade stromboli.  I cooked it ahead an hour before Chris was due home and was then ready to go.  The kids supplemented their stromboli with bananas, crackers and applesauce.  It is very cost effective to do this because I think this meal cost about 5 or 6 bucks for all of us.

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